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Capture the power of smart apartments at zero net cost.

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1000 apartments in your bag.

Dwelo is the best and only smart home platform purpose-built for residents, property managers, and owners. Residents get to live in the future, and managers save loads of time and money by turning hours of legwork into a few clicks.

Be everywhere at once.

Operate lighting and climate for dozens or hundreds of apartments at once—or at the individual unit level. And with no effort at all, super-efficient automation modes for vacant units reduce energy by up to 80%.

Make access easy.

Secure, cloud-based access control gives unique, temporary door codes to staff, contractors or visitors as needed, getting units ready to rent faster. You can even check that the cleaners finished up, show an apartment, or move residents in from the sofa if you like.

Take care of
the goods.

Dwelo monitors apartment systems in the background 24/7, and will take automatic corrective action to stop your equipment from overheating or freezing if temperatures are unsafe—reducing costly failures.

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Residents get superpowers too.

Let in friends while on vacation

Turn off all the lights from bed

Automate climate, save money

Never worry about keys again

The app is so simple. I leave my home, hit a button and everything shuts down and I know my place is secure.
sara, dwelo resident

The app is so simple. I leave my home, hit a button and everything shuts down and I know my place is secure.”

How much could Dwelo add to your bottom line?


Annual net gain for a sample community with just over 300 units and average rents of $1200.

REvenue increase

2.5% monthly rent premium: Dwelo users have shown a willingness to pay at least $30/mo with rent premiums averaging between 2-4%.


Dwelo's software costs the same no matter the size or rental price of the unit. And in this case, hardware costs are spread out over time in simple monthly payments. Even before accounting for cost and time savings, Dwelo immediately pays for itself.



Cost savings

Door lock re-key avoidance: during resident turnover and maintenance.


Efficient vacant unit operation: Dwelo automatically reduces energy usage when a unit becomes vacant.


Burst pipe prevention: Based on industry average occurrence rates and Dwelo asset monitoring.


Reduced resident turnover: Dwelo residents report higher levels of satisfaction with their living experience.


Faster contractor turnover: Notifications and access management help get units ready for release 1 day faster 10% of the time.


Other optimizations: Key management equipment cost savings, Avoided theft, Extended HVAC life, HVAC service overtime avoidance, Off-hours lockout avoidance.



administrative time savings

Contractor access management, periodic and at resident turnover.


Daily vacant unit lock, turn-off.


Other optimizations: Re-key time avoidance, semi-annual routine maintenance by community staff.



That's $111,300/yr, or over $300 per unit that this community was missing out on before activating Dwelo.

It's a snap to get going.

Resident Setup

Automation Modes

dwelo care™

Come live in the future.

I don’t think I could go back to life without Dwelo.
harish, liberty gateway
If you want higher rents, you have to appeal to a higher-paying demographic. Dwelo is exactly the sort of thing they’ll be attracted to.
Owner, Treo Property Management
It’s great! I can turn the AC off to save money during the day, and then turn it on on my way home and have the house cool by the time I get there.
Resident, liberty gateway
I love that I can unlock my door for friends without being home.
prospective resident
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