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Dwelo is focused on the multifamily industry. We provide our customers - owners, managers, and residents - with web and mobile applications that allow them to control smart devices across their communities saving them time and money. We support our customers with end-to-end services that ensure an amazing experience for every member of the community. With Dwelo’s technology and service, residents live in the future, managers streamline their operations, and owners improve their NOI.

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Smart Home

Simplified home automation for apartments

One open platform that connects in unit devices like lights, locks, thermostats, outlets, digital assistants, and more. With Dwelo Smart Home:

  • Residents get a dead simple smart home experience that managers can easily administer.

  • New residents are up and running in under a minute.

  • Residents can control access, climate, and lighting from mobile and voice apps.

  • Residents can bring their own digital assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo.

  • Owners see a 2-3% rent increase.

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Dwelo: Smart Home Automation for the Multifamily Industry
Dwelo Smart Communties

Smart Access

Move freely

One open platform with an internet-connected lock for every door: perimeter, common, and unit. With Dwelo Smart Access:

  • Managers streamline operational movement with digital credentials.

  • Managers report a 40% reduction in lockouts.

  • Managers reduce liability with digital logs of who accessed what and when.

  • Managers can remotely lock up vacant units and common areas with one click.

  • Residents don't need to carry multiple credentials.

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Smart Utilities

Reduce costs, save time

One open platform with a connected thermostat for all units and common areas in a community. With Dwelo Smart Utilities:

  • Managers control vacant units and common area energy from one simple dashboard.

  • Managers can control vacant units in real time and from anywhere.

  • Managers can control one vacant unit at a time or select multiple units at once.

  • Owners save $38 per unit per month on average by ensuring the climate is set to the right temperature in vacant units and common areas.

  • Residents can control climate in their unit instantly and from anywhere.

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Dwelo Smart Utilities

Smart Services

With you every step of the way

Dwelo Smart Services make sure owners, managers, and residents are supported with dedicated project management, onsite training, a team of technicians, and 24/7 in-house support.


Dwelo Smart Apartment Services
Dwelo Smart Apartment Services
Dwelo Smart Apartment Services
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