In 2014, we saw an opportunity for smart technology to change the way people lived and worked in multifamily communities.

From the start, we approached the challenge with a service mindset. We considered what property managers actually needed to operate better and what residents needed to live better. We listened to owners and took a solutions-based approach to each community. We developed and patented software that powers our smart apartments and empowers the people who manage them. Through this process, we discovered that delivering great service was just as important as delivering smart technology.

This innovative approach to hardware, software, and service is what helped us succeed where others failed.

But we knew that to deliver on our mission, we would need a world-class partner to get there. We found that partner in Level. Besides having an excellent hardware and product team, Level also shared our passion for people. Together, we strive to understand the people we build products for and deeply care about the team we’re building. We share the values of care, quality, team, and growth and together we know we can deliver extraordinary experiences worldwide.

Together, we design experiences that elevate the everyday.

Dwelo working together