Smart Communities: An NMHC OPTECH Learning Session

Dwelo CEO, Mike Rovito sits at the far right.

Dwelo CEO, Mike Rovito sits at the far right.

While consumer-facing home automation has captured our imagination, the real play for apartment owners and managers is likely in capturing the benefits from property and portfolio-wide smart home technology. From leak detection to air and water quality management to tracking energy use and energy efficiency, the ability to avoid costly expenses and to anticipate the breakdown of equipment before it becomes a community crisis is no longer science fiction. Hear about the latest for new development and retrofits from the leaders who are creating the smart communities of the future, today.

Dwelo CEO, Mike Rovito, had the pleasure of sitting on the panel for this informative technology focused learning session. Panel members discussed the ins and outs of creating smart communities, not just smart apartments.

“The difference between a smart apartment and smart community is the beneficiary. The resident benefits from the unit itself, but that secondary thinking of what smart devices can do for maintenance and management teams is a smart community.” - Michael Rovito

This session was packed with great insight. Here are our biggest takeaways.

  • Although Smart technology is a competitive differentiator today, in less than 5 years, it will be industry standard.

  • When implementing IoT devices in your communities, it’s imperative to take a platform approach or a holistic approach. Utilizing IoT devices is bigger then just inside the residence. Tying the whole community into an IoT platform gives you power to elevate the whole community experience.

  • Keep security top of mind. Residents expect that the access to their unit and data is protected. Privacy and control needs to be baked into the the platform partner that you decide to implement with.

  • Training. Find a technology provider that has a focus on training and customer support. Training your staff and residents is the key to success for your smart community.

  • The future of these IoT devices in communities is the ability to detect problems and solve those problems before the resident even notices a problem.

Want to know more about smart communities? If you still have questions about the ins and outs of smart communities, you can view our guide here.

Dwelo had an amazing time at this year’s NMHC OPTECH. If we didn't get a chance to meet click here. We would love to get to know you.