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DweloCare Support Hours

General Support - 415.582.6701

  • 7am - 7pm (MDT)

  • Monday - Friday

Emergency Phone Support - 415.582.6701

  • 24 Hours a Day

  • 365 Days per Year

Emergency Support Scope

DweloCare Emergency Phone Support is available 24x7 via our standard phone number (415.582.6701) for the following critical situations:

  • Door Lock Issues

    • A resident is unable to enter/exit their unit or is feeling unsafe for any reason.

  • Extreme Heating / Cooling Issues

    • A resident is suffering from extreme discomfort due to lack of a functioning thermostat.

  • Any urgent Property Manager request

    • For any situation where a manager feels like their issue requires immediate action from Dwelo and cannot wait until the next business day.

Note: If the Dwelo Hub is offline or cannot be accessed remotely and the basic device troubleshooting steps do not restore functionality, the DweloCare team will be unable to help further. You will be instructed to contact your local property management team to resolve.