The Hudgins Companies, a developer and owner group based in Fort Worth, Texas, has been developing multifamily and retail projects for over seven decades. In the past ten years Hudgins has developed more than 5,000 Class A residential units. As a third generation family-owned business, Hudgins carries that sense of trust and reliability into each community that is both developed and revitalized. With every new project developed, Hudgins pushes the limits to provide the best experience for residents and management staff.

Our whole goal is to innovate. We have do it better. Build units better and build more accurately to our demographic.
— Brian Crowell, Multifamily Development

Hudgins’ desire to innovate and build to their demographics’ needs led them to research smart home technology. By listening to their residents and understanding where the industry is headed, Hudgins found that smart home technology could give them the competitive edge they were looking for.

One Solution to Rule them all

Hudgins began their smart home technology research by going directly to device manufactures. Manufactures like Kwikset, Yale and Ecobee. “We started by sourcing smart home devices ourselves and trying to piece-meal them together. And then we thought, ‘Well we can install all that, but what happens when the smart lights walk off? What happens when we turn over a unit? Do we reset all the individual devices? And is management going to be able to manage it?’ It felt like we were trying to retrofit individual homes and not a community as a whole.” said Crowell.

Hudgins realized quickly that installing one-off smart devices in their communities could be done, the challenge, though, was figuring out how to manage all those devices. After a month of brainstorming the best ways to implement smart devices, and nearly giving up, the solution was found with Dwelo. Dwelo offered Hudgins a system that would tie all their smart devices together and provide managers a simple, seamless way to control those devices across their whole community. In particular, Hudgins found Dwelo to be a solution that provided residents an elevated experience and that would also help management and maintenance be more productive. “Anything I can do to make the managers and management teams’ job easier, gets more residents in the building paying rent.” said Crowell.

A Happy management team

Since implementing Dwelo, Hudgins has noticed a shift in resident and manager experience at their communities.  “Dwelo has helped us gain more control over our communities and vacant units. That control has increased the productivity of our management and maintenance teams. They can simply do more now. And not only does it save time but makes our staff happier.” said Crowell

At their most recent community, Hudgins has reported seeing a leasing capture rate of 65%. Additionally, Hudgins has also seen energy and management savings by automating their vacant unit control with Dwelo.

Hudgins Companies has rolled Dwelo out to one full community with one more going live by the end of 2018. Hudgins will also be incorporating Dwelo into the next two new developments in their pipeline.

Owner Group

Hudgins Companies


Fort Worth, TX



Portfolio Units

1,525 Units

Dwelo Rollout

603 Units

Dwelo smart apartment in Idaho
Dwelo smart apartment in Idaho
Due to the trust we have in the Dwelo team, we will be implementing Dwelo into every single project we can.
— Brian Crowell, Multifamily Development