The Kwikset smart locks with Z-Wave 500 chipset enables the lock to wirelessly communicate with other devices in a smart apartment. The lock allows the user (through Dwelo) to remotely check the door lock status, lock or unlock the door and receive notifications via email or text. Kwikset smart locks are easy to install, program and use, and operates on 4 AA batteries. They also feature SmartKey Security™ as a back-up keyway.

Here are reasons to choose Kwikset’s Smart Locks:

Keyless Entry

Kwikset smart locks offer one-touch locking for when a multifamily manager and/ or tenant needs access to the smart apartment. There are up to 30 programmable user codes per lock. There is also an optional 30 second auto-locking capability. 

Remote Locking and Unlocking 

Dwelo’s system allows a multifamily manager and/ or tenant to remotely control the smart locks from anywhere in the world using a smartphone, tablet or internet connected device.

Convenient Monitoring 

The multifamily manager and/ or tenant will receive notifications when someone locks or unlocks the door or check if the lock is locked.

Z-Wave Plus

The SmartCode’s feature the Z-Wave 500 chipset for extended wireless range, over-the-air firmware updates and superior wireless encryption.

How Dwelo + Kwikset Works

Dwelo + Kwikset Smart Apartments

SmartKey Security™ 

Kwikset's SmartKey Security technology enables multifamily owners and managers to reset their unit’s security by re-keying all locks quickly and easily, thereby rendering lost or unreturned keys useless. SmartKey also has advanced security features that protect against sophisticated break-in methods.

Kwikset Offerings with Dwelo

Smartcode 888 

The SmartCode 888 is a 5-button touchpad electronic deadbolt that brings value without compromising security. 

SmartCode 914

The SmartCode 914 is a 10-button touchpad electronic deadbolt with a metal housing that delivers quality that can be felt for added security and durability. The smart lock is offered in a traditional and contemporary design that complements any smart apartment décor.

SmartCode 916 

The SmartCode 916 features a capacitive touchscreen with Kwikset’s patented SecureScreen™ technology to prevent code detection from fingerprints on the touchscreen. The smart lock is offered in a traditional and contemporary design that complements any smart apartment décor.