Why Sub-meters

Water sub-metering is quickly becoming the new standard for utility management in the multifamily industry. In fact, states like California, Texas, and Georgia require sub-meters in new construction projects. Sub-meter systems are able to capture water data on a unit level. Capturing this data is a win-win for both residents and management staff. Residents win because they can now be billed for their exact water usage which usually results in utility savings behavior. Management wins because data is now available for them to monitor and mitigate water leaks. 

Non-catastrophic leaks are common in multi-family communities. Examples of non-catastrophic leaks include constantly running toilets, slowly dripping faucets, and leaky pipes in less frequently visited areas like mechanical rooms or crawl spaces.. These types of leaks often go undetected for days or weeks, resulting in wasted money – in the form of wasted water – and in some cases, costly water damage or mold. 

The following are typical costs that a property could expect to incur due to non-catastrophic leaks and inefficient utility management:

  • $10 per day for undetected running toilets and faucets.

  • $10,000 avg. in damage for typical appliance or plumbing leaks.

Why NextCentury Meters

This integration between Dwelo and NextCentury offers owners, managers, and maintenance, the necessary tools and notifications to significantly mitigate the costs caused by these occurrences. 

With Dwelo + NextCentury, property management and maintenance staff will receive notifications in the event that a water leak or water temperatures that could cause freezing pipes are detected. Staff are notified of the community and unit that these events are occurring.

How Dwelo and NextCentury Meters Work Together

We believe bringing submetering into the next century is critical to the success of multifamily communities. NextCentury provides owners the ability to bill residents for exact utility consumption while also providing custom reporting and timely alert notifications to managers. Like Dwelo, we aim to give owners more data and control over their communities. This partnership continues our focus on creating the future of submetering, passing tremendous savings back to the owners and adding value for residents.
— Mike Clements, CEO at NextCentury Meters

Dwelo + NextCentury Notifications

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