The Dwelo platform currently allows apartment dwellers and managers the ability to control lighting, thermostats, and door locks in the units. With the PDK integration, residents and managers will now be able to control common area access points for entry gates, clubhouses, gyms, and laundry facilities with the same app they use to control and manage their smart apartment.

With the PDK integration every door is internet-connected to Dwelo’s cloud, enabling benefits that enhance security and convenience:

Dwelo Smart Apartment Access
Assign Smart Apartment Access
  • Managers can instantly grant and revoke access to residents and vendors from anywhere via the Dwelo app. No special desktop terminal or visits to the lock are necessary.

  • Staff and residents can use the Dwelo app to open doors, which streamlines their access and provides a backup in case they forget their credential.

  • Staff and residents can remotely unlock doors (“buzz” people in) right from the Dwelo app, for easy access to trusted vendors or guest, no convoluted call box required.

  • Managers have access to real-time activity logs in the cloud. No more visiting the lock or downloading a report from the desktop terminal to resolve disputes or identify bad actors.

  • Cloud-to-cloud integration via Dwelo with your property management system keeps your resident rolls in sync.

How Dwelo and PDK Work Together

PDKs solution has been embraced by customers in the commercial sector for its simple ease of use and platform flexibility. Our wireless and PoE options allow for a cost-effective takeover of legacy equipment while supporting new construction projects with all the benefits derived from leveraging the network. Our mantra, simplicity without compromise, dovetails perfectly with Dwelo’s corporate mission to enhance apartment living through easily accessible IoT technology. Our partnership will bring tangible benefits to all stakeholders involved within the multi-family residential market sector.
— Evan Tree, CEO at ProdataKey