Dwelo is now better for property managers using RealPage. At Dwelo, we are dedicated to improving the experience that owners, property managers, and residents have with our smart apartments. As we listened to feedback from our customers, we knew we could offer them a more streamlined Dwelo management experience. With that focus, we are excited to announce the Dwelo + RealPage integration!  


Streamline Resident Onboarding with Dwelo

With Dwelo smart apartments, residents get a simpler, higher standard of living. But now with the RealPage integration, so do property managers. RealPage + Dwelo allows property managers to simplify their operations through:

  • Automatically syncing resident move in and move outs

  • Eliminating the need for entering resident information in multiple places

  • Ensuring that residents have the right access at the right time

Our team is very excited about this new RealPage Dwelo integration. Any chance we can get more data to make decisions and streamline our community operations is a big win for us. Our Lakeside staff has already seen valuable results in terms of time savings by utilizing this integration.
— Allison Crawford, Director of Operations Support at Knightvest Management

About RealPage

RealPage offers property management software and real estate management software solutions for multifamily property, single family, senior, commercial property, and more.

Our suite of solutions benefits owners and managers of various rental property types, including conventional, affordable, military, student, single-family, senior and vacation housing. We also provide commercial and mixed use property management solutions. We’ve evolved our products from the desktop to the cloud, with many available both online and for mobile devices. Our products manage everything from marketing to pricing and other property operations