Dwelo Smart Thermostats

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See our smart thermostat guide for information specific to your thermostat model.

+ My thermostat is not working, what do I do?

  1. Determine whether the thermostat is malfunctioning or if the problem resides with the mobile or web app.
  2. If the mobile or web app is not working as expected scroll to the next question.
  3. If the thermostat is not working as expected, call us at 415.582.6701.

+ My thermostat is not responding from the mobile or web app, what do I do?

  1. Make sure your Dwelo hub is plugged into power and Internet.
  2. Make sure your home Internet connection is live and working.
  3. Make sure your mobile phone or computer's Internet connection is live and working.
  4. If you've followed the previous steps and your thermostat is still not responding to commands, contact us via the support form on this page providing as much information as possible about the problem. We'll be sure to help you resolve it.

+ How does "auto mode" work?

When in auto mode, the thermostat will automatically switch between heating and cooling based on the setpoints you have configured for each mode. In other words, you should set the desired temperature for the heating and cooling modes first and then enable auto mode for it to work as expected. You typically don't adjust the setpoint when auto mode is enabled.

+ Why does my thermostat display a "wait" message?

When you switch your thermostat between heat and cool modes, the thermostat will wait a couple minutes before actually switching modes to protect the compressor and prevent damage to your heating and cooling system.

+ How come my heat or cool setpoint keeps changing without my knowing?

If you have a GoControl thermostat, the setpoint for one mode may change when you adjust the setpoint of another mode. Read more about this functionality in our smart thermostat guide.