Jessica Vaiser

Jessica Vaiser

Project Manager

Tell us your name, your job title at Dwelo, and what your position entails.

My name is Jessica Vaiser. I am a Project Manager and I manage strategic projects from early stage through conclusion. I work with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that there’s success in each project that I run.

Before being hired, did Dwelo find you or did you find Dwelo?

I found Dwelo. I was looking for a new job at the time, reading about different companies. I love technology so when I read about Dwelo I recognized that this is what I had been looking for. I was immediately interested in the role and applied. It was actually a fun interview process, I felt like I was already getting to know the team. After a couple rounds I received an offer and it was easy to say yes.


What is the camaraderie like on your team?

I like everyone that I work with, we are a fun group. I feel that we care about and trust each other. You can tell that there is no jealousy or ego. We want each other to grow and become better in our roles; I enjoy that about my team.

How effectively does your team communicate with each other?

Very effectively. We are in constant communication, mostly through Slack and Google Hangouts. I can be myself when communicating to others and be open and honest. I feel that people trust what I say; my voice and my opinion are heard.

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What is Dwelo’s culture like?

We can be pretty heads down and focused on what we need to get done, but we also know how to have fun. I feel excited to start working everyday. It’s just a fun environment. Senior management trusts us to do what we have to do, so we have freedom. I would say it’s a pretty relaxed culture, there’s no micromanagement and that leads to better work.

What does your team do to socialize and have fun?

Since I joined Dwelo a little over a year ago, I’ve seen my team in person three times. Our work retreats are always a blast; it's fun to see everybody and get a chance to chat and connect. We also have bi-weekly lunch meetings where we avoid talking about work and do our best to relax and have a great conversation. We play games remotely with the operations team about once per month and that's also a lot of fun.

How has being part of the Dwelo culture helped you grow as a professional in your field?

My role requires me to talk to people from different teams throughout the company, and I’ve learned so much just from interacting with others. I’ve learned a lot from my direct teammates and their experiences too. They bring new ideas and different perspectives to the table that help me improve the way that I do things. I feel that we’re always looking for ways to help each other grow and be successful. I’ve also improved my Salesforce skills and learned how to interact with Sigma Computing, this has made me better in my role.

Dwelo has grown a lot in the last couple of years. Why do you think that this?

Smart technology overall has become mainstream, and we offer fantastic smart technology solutions that our target audience recognizes and wants. Our leadership, engineers, and the whole team work together with passion to make our solutions better, continually improving to answer the market needs.


How has Dwelo met your expectations?

I had high expectations going in. I wanted to be with a team that had great culture, and I wanted to learn and continue to improve as a Project Manager. So far, so good! My expectations were met quickly after I started the job and they keep being exceeded. Everybody at Dwelo is knowledgeable in their role, cares about what they do and gets excited about what we are developing. It’s fun to see that excitement, it's contagious.

What words come to mind that you feel describe Dwelo?

Trust, growth, caring, fun and open-minded

Which co-worker would you like to sit next to on a 12-hour flight?

I would choose CG (Christopher Galbraith). I feel that whenever we’ve been on retreats, I’ve randomly ended up sitting near him when eating out with the group and we always have a fun time. He’s an interesting, smart guy and very entertaining. We can talk about so many subjects that I never get bored. If I have 12 hours to kill on a flight, I feel like it would go fast sitting next to him.

What would you say to anyone considering applying at Dwelo?

If you’re feeling excited about a role and you like technology, you’re in the right spot. You’ll be working with a smart group of people and learning a lot. It’s a fast-paced environment so you need to be ready for that, but it’s really exciting. I would say stop considering and just apply.