Kate Swanson

Kate Swanson

DweloCare Team Manager

Tell us your name, your job title at Dwelo, and what your position entails.

I am Kate Swanson and I’m the DweloCare Team Manager. I manage the high-level strategy of the Dwelo support team, focusing on our key metrics, improving agent efficiency, while also managing the day-to-day and individual support reps.

Before being hired, did Dwelo find you or did you find Dwelo?

Actually a little bit of both. Before Dwelo, my boyfriend and I both worked as installation technicians for Vivint. We had traveled the country for a few years with Vivint and found ourselves wanting to settle down in Salt Lake. One of our good friends from Vivint was working for Dwelo at the time and said “I’ve got a similar job to what you are currently doing, here in Salt Lake, with a great up-and-coming company!” From there, we got an interview with Michael Meek and we joined the team as field technicians. We were 1099 employees back then.

“We’re a tight-knit group. Everyone genuinely cares about each other and reaches out. ”
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What is the camaraderie like on your team?

It’s very high. We’re a tight-knit group. Everyone genuinely cares about each other and reaches out. Dwelo has a special culture, so I know that most teams at Dwelo probably say they have the best team, but my team is even more unique! We’ve created a safe space where everyone is comfortable bringing up their struggles and issues and how to best communicate with one another. We’re all open to speaking up because we all know that’s how we find resolutions.

How effectively does your team communicate with each other?

If anything, I would say we over-communicate. We want to hear everyone’s ideas and thoughts, whether the person feels like it’s a good one or not. We just want to hear everything so that everyone feels like their input matters. We have a really high level of engagement with one another.

What is Dwelo’s culture like?

The main word I’m thinking of is welcoming. It’s a very outgoing, extroverted environment. Everyone really does welcome you with open arms and makes sure that you have the tools and resources you need. Everyone genuinely reaches out, wants to learn more about you, and hear what you have to say. Investing in employees is something Dwelo prioritizes. I haven’t seen any other company invest in employees as they do.

“I haven’t seen any other company invest in employees as they do. ”
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What does your team do to socialize and have fun?

Actually, we’re trying a new system where each person on the team gets to pick an activity for the month. It’s a way to change things up so we don’t resort to the same virtual game over and over again. Activities are more fun when you have team bonding moments, and we’ve found that letting each person have their own personal touch on it allows for that. For example, we have a new hire who really likes Pokémon, so she created a little Pokémon template for everyone where we could create our own Pokémon and share them with each other. It was really fun.

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How has being a part of the Dwelo culture helped you grow as a professional in your field?

The Dwelo culture has helped me grow both professionally and personally. I didn’t have management experience and now a year later, I am managing 9 reports. They see potential in you, give you trust, and say, “Hey, I think you have the ability to do this. Let’s get you the tools and resources to get you there.” They invest in you and give you opportunities to grow and take ownership. I might not have been the most knowledgeable at the time, but I had confidence and wanted to learn. They let me have a go to see if I could do it. It’s really helped create more confidence in myself and my own abilities. I have not only seen this in my own experience but others across the company as well.

Dwelo has grown a lot in the last couple of years. Why do you think that is?

Dwelo’s growth isn’t the result of one thing. The credit belongs to the initiatives of everyone here. We are all different levers that contribute to the bigger picture. Without each and every person, we would not be where we are today. Each person has the skills to grab an issue by the horns, do what needs to be done, find gaps, and use communication to resolve it. Dwelo is really good at hiring the right people. All the little things - the little fires that halt productivity that come up - we’re all able to put out these fires and keep things moving. All this really contributes to growth.

How has Dwelo met your expectations?

They definitely exceeded expectations. Coming into Dwelo, I was told about the culture and how cool of a company it was, but I really didn’t appreciate it until I was in it. Coming from a job that didn’t have a good work/life balance and then seeing the genuine care, investment, flexibility, and fun parts of the culture here were amazing. My boyfriend will come home and say, “You got another present in the mail from Dwelo.” They just have a genuine care for everyone and go out of their way to do things for their employees.

What words come to your mind that you feel describe Dwelo?

High trust, welcoming, growth

“I didn’t have management experience and now a year later, I am managing 9 awesome people. ”

Which coworker would you like to sit next to on a 12-hour flight?

I choose Betty Orr. I’ve met her two times in person. We went and got sushi and drinks once and it was lots of fun. We would definitely make the most out of those twelve hours. She has such a great personality and is so knowledgeable in her role at Dwelo. You really take away something from her with every interaction.

What would you say to anyone considering applying at Dwelo?

That you are making one of the best decisions you can make! If you’re willing to put effort into yourself and continue to grow and ask questions, you’re definitely coming to the right place.